General features:

“Should development of AI be controlled by big or giant companies like Google or by users and those which job market and day to day living will be most affected ? “

Honestis.Network is decentralized organization managing interfaces and regulations of most user of internet activities like fb, ebay and data storage.

Be part of Honestis.Network and have vote by using tokens in decentralized organization software on blockchains.

User case 1

You are on a diet and want to keep it.

You can record your data and results in safe, private place owned only by you.

You can store records what you buy, what is your mood, how you sleep, how much you eat and how much time you spend at work,

How much sugar , protein and water you consumed.

You can use analyzer to check you correlations.

In the time of struggle artificial assistant will help you keep your goals and be on track by calls, messages and simple reminders showing your number of tasks completed or goals achieved.

Value proposition for user:

Help with self aware and observation of our rutine and performance giving us possibility to life better in quality life for the same price

2) Create new better patterns in life, safe time and make money with skilled Artificial Assistant and its avatars market.




User Case 2

You take drugs and want keep dosage, but sometimes you forget.

Sometimes you feel bad and want change the dose.

If you feel pain or dizzy, all those things can be safety stored in your private safe record just for you. You don’t need to share your information with anybody, but if needed it is always there.

Analyzed, solved out symptoms,  dosage and your mood weight.

Value proposition for user:

Help with self aware and observation of our drug rutine and performance giving us possibility to life better in quality and see symptoms and correlations between not so obvious factors.


User case 3

You want to do big amount of calls to your family about some tragic or happy accidents but you can’t do that as after some calls you can feel tired. You can left that to Artificial Assistant with proper set calling message and maybe even recognition of pattern which you want to follow.

Value proposition for user:

Safe time and nerves and hard emotions.


User case 4

You want to train yourself in solving some test issues, you can record all data and all steps which you have followed. Train your artificial avatar to predict new solutions or give a pattern to follow how to learn it on video, text move and logic layer.

It can present what you have solved or pass this knowledge to others.

Value proposition for user:

Better training programs, possibility to monetize deep knowledge in very innovative more interactive way.

make money with skilled Artificial Assistant and its avatars market.


User case 5

Signing documents or identities.

Creating chain of trust.

When you pledge that you are a company example BestCompanyEver, you can sign your document with key from blockchain, upload this document by an invoice or a software repository, which you want to license. This is visible on blockchain and can be traced back get ratings, if it is good kind of software or not. You as BestCompanyEver get rating are you the one, which you claim to be - by others profiles which are also confirmed or not, marked as scam or not.

You can send an ID of an employee and this ID can be confirmed by your signature, as she/ he is not a fraud or fishing attempt. You can verify that employee on public blockchain.


Value proposition for user:


Recreate value in product and service quality over marketing spending in global market economy by giving transparent network of ratings of every available product, service or brand.


User case 6

blogging posting storing documents and viewing content

Value proposition for user:

Manage and set the boundaries between cutting costs on storage your data and giving up privacy and copyrights to third parties.





User case 7 – manage, store and sell or buy data and datastorage

Don’t let your data be object of trade by others.

Be manager of your data streams and sell as much as you want and need. Keep private and intimal things in your private and confident Honestis.Network storage.


Honestis.Network is not Google is not facebook, we don’t have don’t store your data – You are using decentralized ecosystem on global scale with privilege of choice how secured and safe your data should be kept.

Make your transition fast to honestis network

Parsing your data from facebook or ebay to format and structure of your choice wasn’t as easy as it is with Honestis.Network user tools and set up guides.


Value for user:



Additional income

Your identity will be protected with your data, the change of being hacked by ex partner in life or business is absolute minimal, don’t let take your private and or business life to the outside world without your permission and almost impossible to brake keys within origin from blockchain bitcoin cryptography which holds billions of dollars and noboby can steal it. Even if it have public access.