How Much THC Should I Consume if I Just Started?

As a result of this widespread wave of marijuana legalization, the National Cannabis Survey made a survey which was released by Stats Can in April 2018 about the use of marijuana.

The survey results claimed that there was an increase of 21% in the number of people who were willing to try marijuana either for the first time or to increase their cannabis consumption.

However, these survey numbers apparently fluctuate, and it already reached a percentage of 30%. Independently of the results, it seems like there’s a bunch of people wanting to try cannabis for the first time in their lives.

There are many people out there who are tempted to try marijuana for the first time, but they get a little scared to get uncomfortably high or to face any side effects that large doses of marijuana can cause. Not to mention the people who try marijuana but doesn’t get high at all after trying for the first time.

In order to help you with that, we made this article a dosage guide for you.

What Should You Know Before Consuming Cannabis?

First of all, you need to know that there are many types of marijuana out there, with different percentages of THC. The cannabis products of the legal market have information on the labels telling how much THC and CBD content there are in the product. With such medical marijuana in pa a wide variety of CBD products out there to pick.

Marijuana is often categorized into three groups: flowers, infused products, and concentrates. Among these groups, you will find marijuana in the forms of edibles, tinctures, oils, flower, waxes, etc.

After taking into consideration that there’s a wide variety of marijuana, you should start thinking about which method do you want to start with. Some people prefer to start smoking, some think vaping is better, while others may stick to edibles.

If you opt for vaping or smoking, the dosage of THC you’ll need to consume will be much better to control than if you were opting for edibles, since the effects of inhaling marijuana hit you almost instantaneously.

Within 10 to 15 minutes after you smoked, you’ll start feeling the effects of cannabis. For beginners, usually, two or three inhalations are just enough to get you high. If the 15 minutes passed and you still don’t feel a thing, try to inhale a bit more.

If you’re vaping and chose to consume concentrates, you should be more careful than when you’re consuming the flower. Inhaling one or two times will be just enough for you to get high.

As for edibles, the amount of time it takes to hit you is generally one or two hours. So, if you wish to start with edibles you must be twice more careful and try not to start with a homemade edible.

Edibles from the legal market are labeled and you get to see the amount of THC content in the product. The common dose of THC it’s of 10mg, however, as a beginner, you should start with 5mg doses and if after the 1-2 hours you are not feeling anything, you should increase the dosage taking more 5mg.

If you follow the steps above, you will be able to have a nice first experience with marijuana and you will also get to know how tolerant you are to the THC doses.

Don’t forget that this is just a guide, and each body reacts differently to different amounts of THC. Some people may get high by consuming a gram of the flower, while some may get high by consuming ¼ a gram.

The best thing that you can do it’s start with small dosages of THC and then increase your dosage if you feel it is necessary. Remember that edibles take longer to hit than inhaling cannabis, so wait and take the necessary time to have a safer experience.

Source: Veriheal Cannabis Doctors | Fast & Easy Medical Marijuana Cards

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